Your Mother Will Disapprove

Children’s Poetry

Table of Contents

01 Your Mother Will Disapprove
02 A Math Absence
03 Donut Holes
04 The Booga-Booga Boo!
05 The Persistent Magician
06 My Favorite Socks
07 A Bad Monkey
08 Ode to Hot Dogs
09 Ode to Ice Cream
10 Sick of Sweets
11 The $1 Shot
12 Saturday Runs Amok
13 What a Bloody Mess!
14 Mom’s Cellphone
15 Piano Lessons
16 The Ants Dance
17 Old Man Jones
18 A Giraffe in Socks
19 This Silly Book
20 The Best Kid in the World
21 Backtalk from my Backside

Wait a minute, this is a book? Yep. You should take a look.

photo: Elena Mozhvilo