I started having this sinking
feeling again.

In retrospect, it was pretty selfish.
I was listening to someone talk about a new job.

And how they felt like they were
exactly where they’re supposed to be. 

I’ve never had that feeling. Instead, I typically
feel like I’m going to lose what I
have, which isn’t much.

It’s like I’m gonna fall off.
I started feeling like I was sinking.

People go on Prozac for this feeling, don’t they?
That’s a rational fear they’re medicating.

The money can run out.
That’s what I was thinking about while

everyone congratulated this guy on his new job.
See what I mean? That’s pretty selfish. Or

Then when we started talking about something else,
the feeling miraculously went away.

It was a nice evening, but I’ve been down before,
and I always feel like it’s not exactly where
I’m supposed to be.

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Graphic: Freepik