A Party I’m Not Interested In

I was at a party tonight.
In the beginning, no one talked to me.

I didn’t know anyone except the host,
so I went away in my head, in my mind.

Where I went, I stayed awhile.
I was around all these people, and

they had jokes and eloquence.
I nodded and put on a smile.

I sat in a corner quietly, and it all became surreal.
I seemed to be forgotten there at that party,

drinking and feeling the alcohol.
I was thinking about things I needed to do.

About people, I’d rather party with.
Then everything changed, which was good

because I was feeling nearly anonymous, like party filler.
A young woman with large hoop earrings
asked my name.

She wanted to know how I fill the time.
I was filling it with thoughts, but I have a job, so I told her about it.

Tonight, I was at a party where, for a while,
no one really noticed me and

I wasn’t very interested in being there.

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Graphic: Freepik