My Christmas Recital

I’m learning to play piano by working
through a book of Christmas tunes my

wife was using when she was five. It’s
both humbling and uplifting. It’s uplifting

because it’s Christmas music, and every
once in a while, I can make out the tune.

It’s humbling because Bach is a pretty
steep climb from here. I’m in my forties,

so I’ve got forty years, maybe, with which
to improve. I’m far from a virtuoso—very

far—so I have set my sights slightly below
playing as well as Glenn Gould. Even still,

this holiday season, you are cordially invited
to a recital in which I will present “Jingle

Bells,” “Joy to the World,” and “Silent Night,”
among others. They will be the Piano for Kids

version, of course. And, despite the sanctity
of the season, I fully anticipate being heckled.

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Graphic: Freepik