The Open Mic

The Open Mic is a series of flash fiction by writers from all around the web. Your emcee, Justin Meckes, curates a selection of short shorts that range in topics and genre. If you want to video record your microfiction, The Open Mic will post it on this site and add it to our Vimeo channel.

First up on the mic, we have Veronica McDonald:

This little flash fiction journal was born out of the fact that Justin emceed an open mic near downtown Durham, NC for over a year. Seeing that there might be opportunity to do something similar online, The Open Mic was born. Justin is also the founding editor of Scrutiny Journal. You may want to visit that site if you enjoy magical realism.

If you’d like to read or listen to more stories from The Open Mic, click here. If you’d like to submit a story, then proceed to the submission form.

The Open Mic accepts simultaneous submissions.