Of all the tasks I do to stay organized, scanning is one of the most time-consuming. It seems that items are continuously arriving in the mail that require scanning and electronic filing.

I only keep paper copies of birth and marriage certificates, car titles, tax documents (for seven years), and the few other official documents. I keep those in a file folder that I can zip up and slip into a drawer in my desk. (Although we’re currently looking at some fireproof options.

I make sure I’m signed up for electronic communication from as many of the companies I deal with as possible, but somehow there is frequently something or other that needs to be scanned and preserved.

I don’t typically procrastinate, but, in this case, I rarely perform my scanning immediately. It would be better if I did, but I usually allow a few documents to accumulate before I sit down to scan. When I’m finished, I shred the originals.
I keep the files in the cloud where I can return to them, if necessary.

Sometimes I find that I won’t need to return to them, and I delete them. I despise scanning much more than checking expiration dates. And that’s saying something.

But it has to be done. A file cabinet would take up unnecessary space. And, honestly, it would be a bit easier if I had a more up-to-date scanner. The question is, who wants to put that on their Christmas list?

photo: Jason Blackeye