America is like a wounded animal lying on the side of the road. A wild animal. But it’s not roadkill. It’s still alive even if it is on the brink. As they’re cruising down the road, the driver of an electric car sees the dying animal and pulls over. The driver of the EV wants […]

About six years ago, I began having access to a beach house on the coast of North Carolina for one or two weeks a year. I’ve loved extreme sports for a much longer time than that, so I immediately began considering surfing as a new pastime. Unfortunately, around the same time that I started going […]

I feel like learning Spanish is my responsibility that I’m neglecting. Where I live, there is a significant Hispanic population, and I’ve encountered at least a few occasions in which being able to converse would have been beneficial–not so much for communication as hospitality. I took a few semesters of the foreign language in college […]