Tag: minimalism

Writing: Rejection

Between novels, short stories, and, now, a mini-documentary, I find myself submitting to agents, journals, and festivals almost continuously. This means that rejection is a constant companion. And it can be difficult to deal with. When I’m faced with a barrage of “Not for us,” or “No thanks,” it’s important that I keep a level […]

Routine: Hydrotherapy

Taking cold showers is something I’ve been trying to incorporate into my routine for a while. Because it’s summer, I thought it would be a good time to give it another try. If you do a quick Google search you’ll find that there are many benefits to taking cold showers, including: Increased vitality Decreased muscle […]

Health: Diet

My diet goal is to find something sustainable. I’m looking for a balance between keeping fit and indulging in the occasional drink or dessert. For the most part, I steer clear of any extreme diet programs because they offer only short term fixes. I’m concerned with the long-term. I’m most likely not the target market […]

Organization: Surfaces

There are only a few reasons surfaces become cluttered. One of them is that things aren’t put away after they’re used. That one is fairly simple to remedy. At most, it requires redefining when tasks we begin are finished. …

Essentials: Black T-Shirt

try to keep my style fairly simple. Solid colors, mostly. I don’t have a problem with stripes or primary colors but I typically try to cull my wardrobe down to what is absolutely necessary. …

Health: Weightlifting

Building muscle takes time. But the physique can be transformed through sweat and consistency. Of course, it also requires real dedication (and often a team of people) to obtain model-like aesthetics or the level of fitness obtained by professional athletes. …