In my household, there’s a big basket full of remedies for common ailments (Aspirin, antacids, etc.) and another one that my wife uses for baking supplies. In the pantry, there are more storage boxes. There are even a few bins in the fridge. The exception may be our spices, which we keep on a lazy […]

Let me start by saying that I would prefer to eat gluten if I could. I’m not an advocate for avoiding the protein just because it might make you sluggish or drowsy. Unfortunately, I have to avoid it for other reasons. Eating above a certain threshold of gluten causes my skin to break out and […]

My diet goal is to find something sustainable. I’m looking for a balance between keeping fit and indulging in the occasional drink or dessert. For the most part, I steer clear of any extreme diet programs because they offer only short term fixes. I’m concerned with the long-term. I’m most likely not the target market […]