Short Stories

This is a select list of stories. Some of them have been published while others have inspired longer works or bear significance in some other way. See my CV for a complete list of publications.

Literary & Magical Realism

“Carlos, a Dying Dream” is a surreal story that will soon be sent out to journals.

“The Cat Burglar” was a finalist in the NCSU James Hurst fiction contest.

“The Crash” was originally published in The Broadkill Review.

“Inferno” first appeared in Scrutiny, a journal I founded in 2014.

“Invention” is a magical realism piece that was published in Quail Bell Magazine.

“Jellyfish” helped to inspire a novel, The Sea Horse.

“Swallowed” was published in Circa Review in 2013 and became In the Belly.

“The Gore” is about a descendent of the Minotaur. It was written in 2011.

“The Swimmer” is about young love, and a bit of a mood piece.

“The Ballad of James and Angie” is not romantic, but it is alt-country.

“The Last Days of My Life as Brought About by an African Spider Bite” is a short story with a very long title.

“Scarecrow” is strange, surreal, Southern Gothic story from 2013.

“A Short Flight” is about family, mistakes, and it’s set at Christmastime.

“Worm” is a piece of flash about the importance of crawling through dirt.

Sci-fi & Adventure

    “The Pharmacon” appeared in Bewildering Stories and became a short film.

    “The Gash” was published in Map Literary and was inspired by the Iraq war.

    “Defrag” became the framework for a series I pitched to Hidden Key.

    “Capsule Berserker” is the seed from which grew the novel Only the Dead.

    “The Last Emperor” led me to consider writing a modern version of The Island of Dr. Moreau.

    “Dark Water” is a story about camping near raging water.

    “Moonshot” is a piece of microfiction about a troublesome moon.

    “Fiend Island” was my first and only attempt to write a pirate story.