Hidden Key Publishing

The Roke Discovery*

It’s the near future in Seattle. After her mission on Mars, former Martian Air Force soldier Olivia (Olie) Manning has carved out a routine life – fixing droids at the desalination plant, speeding through the remains of the forest on her way home, watching adnews on the telesphere, rinse, repeat. But when mysterious deaths begin to terrorize her workplace and city, Olie’s caught in the middle of the chaos.

Aided only by a focused cyborg named Mona and her owner, Jayson, the three must get to the bottom of the murders and save those they love most from the string of vicious attacks. Olie finds herself torn between her desire to return to space and the need to protect her planet. Her greatest challenge may be keeping her head out of the stars and focused on where she’s needed most – Earth.

*I was hired for story development and the first draft of this collaborative sci-fi piece.