Project Timeline


The Man in the Red Suit & Tom Turkey

This personal project is a Christmas work that I hope my family will enjoy for many years to come. I may send it out to agents, but it is primarily intended for my enjoyment.

The Sea Horse

The Sea Horse is a novel set on a fictional island off the coast of North Carolina. The book follows a young man who inherits a beach house from his estranged father and then encounters a mysterious dark horse.

Children’s Poetry Collection
Your Mother Will Disapprove

This book of humorous children’s poems has everything from a giraffe in socks to a booga-booga boo. What’s that? Good question. The short film is in production.

Comic Book Hero

Comic Book Hero: a Procrastinator’s Guide is being sent to festivals now and will hopefully premiere in the spring of 2021. It’s the story of a comic book writer who has to battle procrastination before he can become a comic book hero.


Minimalism Life

“A Noticeable Calm” was published in Minimalism Life and details my entry point into minimalism. | photo: Daniel von Appen

The Roke Discovery

I ghostwrote this sci-fi novel for a local publishing company in 2019. The book tells the story of a creature that serves as a terraforming agent for an alien life form. Will humankind survive the roke?

Feature Story
David Drake
A Sci-Fi Motorcycle Crash

After reading Time Safari, I reached out to local sci-fi author by the name of David Drake. He sat down to give me an interview, which was later published on

Poetry Collection
Suburban Zen

This poetry collection explores suburban life amidst a pandemic and the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. A selection of these poems will appear in a spoken word film currently in pre-production.


Children’s Film & Book
The Hot Air Balloon

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride and discover what it’s like to see the Earth from above. The short film is currently being submitted to film festivals.

How I Invented Christmas Morrow

This essay details the holiday I created, Christmas Morrow. I’ll be looking to place it in a journal this fall. | photo: Caleb Woods

Picture Books
Meet the Legumes

The Sweet Pea Books were written for my infant daughter. They are the stories of a group of beans and peas. Have you met the legumes? The vooks are available at

54 Stones

54 Stones: a Meditation on Highway Stacking is a mini-doc about a cairn located on Hwy. 54 in Chapel Hill, NC. The film played in numerous film festivals as well as in a local film series.


The Pharmacon

“The Pharmacon” was published in Bewildering stories in 2018. I had just written or was about to write a time travel novel that went unpublished. I am still trying to figure out how to adapt this story to film with no budget. | photo: 贝莉儿 DANIST



This novella is based on Dante’s Inferno. I took the poems and line-by-line rewrote the story in prose and updated the political aspects of the work with those who were involved in Russian collusion.