2019Untitled Project00,000fantasyoutlining
2019TBA (III of III)00,000science fictionoutlining
2019TBA (II of III)70,000science fictionediting
2018The Roke Discovery65,000science fictionpublished
2018Only the Dead100,000science fictionsubmitting
2017Inferno30,000magical realismdeferred
2017Signs & Wonders90,000magical realismrejected
2016The Beginning is also the End80,000literaryscreenplay
2016It All Comes Down to This80,000nonfictiondeferred
2016In the Throes of a Dying Light70,000science fictiondeferred
2016While She’s Still Lucid80,000magical realismrewrite
2015Headhunter (I of III)80,000science fictionabandoned
2014Cat Scratch Fever80,000literaryrejected
2013The Fall of Nether Hill (I of III)35,000middle gradesrejected
2013In the Belly, On the Shore80,000magical realismrewrite
2013You & Death Walk into a Bar75,000humorousscreenplay
2013The Ends of Flesh90,000literaryabandoned
2012A Strange Tale50,000+microfictionpublished
2011A Prophet Named E.M.10,000literaryabandoned
2010On The River25,000literaryabandoned
2001 –Film & Screenplays     —     — see bio
2000Instruments of God’s WrathUnknownliteraryabandoned