I’d heard that creativity can’t happen without a bit of boredom, but to be honest, I was skeptical. Granted, I’m not someone who is glued to my phone, which, combined with social media, is supposedly the true creativity killer. I’m just someone who feels that time shouldn’t be wasted, so I try to make the […]

There’s nothing better than being finished for the day. Granted, that might look a little different for me. I write early in the mornings and workout at lunch. Right now, these seem to be the major hoops in my life. I work from home and find that my current occupation is compelling enough to keep […]

As far as celebrations go, my New Year’s has been pretty low key for the last few years. It could be that I’m disappointed that I’ll be returning to work in a couple of days. Or it might be that I’m devastated that the next Christmas is now another 12 months away. A typical New […]

It can happen even in the middle of what you might call “the best of times.” Life is passing by me. And although I might very well be experiencing it in the present without regrets about the past or hesitation and worry regarding the future, I’m still watching time pass by, wondering, “What’s the point?” […]

I’m mulling over this new idea that I’m calling the Rule of Three. What it boils down to is that it’s almost impossible for me to focus on any more than three things at a time. The way I look at it, that’s work, writing, and whatever sidebar I might have going on at any […]

Of all the tasks I do to stay organized, scanning is one of the most time-consuming. It seems that items are continuously arriving in the mail that require scanning and electronic filing. I only keep paper copies of birth and marriage certificates, car titles, tax documents (for seven years), and the few other official documents. […]

America is like a wounded animal lying on the side of the road. A wild animal. But it’s not roadkill. It’s still alive even if it is on the brink. As they’re cruising down the road, the driver of an electric car sees the dying animal and pulls over. The driver of the EV wants […]

I created a budget, first, to find out where my money was going. And, second, so I could make plans for various kinds of savings. In the end, it took several months of watching where my money went to decide where I could restrict spending. My mortgage, for example, is non-negotiable. And I put down […]