Admittedly, some of the essays composing The Productivity Handbook address topics that a reader might consider unremarkable or even banal. But much of life is nothing less and, ultimately, I feel that even the most mundane elements of life deserve attention and even examination up to a point.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the motivation here is a belief that by briefly focusing on the little things, I can avoid letting them get in the way. Another way to think about it might be an understanding that when our requisite duties are executed efficiently, energy and attention given to life’s more compelling pursuits can be increased.

I do, of course, spend time focusing on life’s foremost issues (goals, dreams, etc.) in these short writings, but I find that these are greatly benefited by examining the tasks we tend to perform absentmindedly. I believe the minor goals I set for myself facilitate the achievement of the major ones.

Besides increased time and energy, refining mundane tasks can be an important tool in learning to set standards for ourselves when it comes to larger ambitions. Thus, I make an effort to explore the small endeavors in detail (except when I’m being purposefully vague).

Perhaps too much detail but the writing on this site is an effort toward self-examination. I am simply making a record of my own habits and behaviors. If someone else finds benefit from it that would be great but it’s not necessarily the aim.

It should also be noted that much of the routine tasks I describe are purportedly performed on a daily or weekly basis. The reader should be aware that the habits I describe are sometimes still in process. Even when they have been successfully ingrained, I can fall short and fail.