Potential Rewrites

Rejected, Not Forgotten

I’m about fourteen novels deep into my writing career with just one published book to show for my efforts. (That one was a collaborative science fiction piece I was hired to write.) Of the remaining works, I’ve submitted just five novel-length manuscripts to agents.

The other seven weren’t good enough to submit anywhere. Some of them didn’t even make it past the first draft. And at least one would have made a better screenplay. That being said, here are a couple of books and one novella that I believe deserve another chance.

Only the Dead


The Dr. Durant series of books started and ended here. Only the Dead draws on my experiences in Peru. It’s Heart of Darkness meets The Time Machine. There may be a standalone book two.

Signs & Wonders


This piece was a retelling of the four gospels in the style of magical realism. The Bible lends itself to the miraculous. But, in other words, Thomas Jefferson had his Bible, mine is the opposite…



I rewrote Dante’s Inferno in prose. It could never have been a first novel due to its length, but it was another passion project. You might have expected it, but spending all that time in hell sent me into a deep depression.

In the Belly


This early work was based on a short story published in the now defunct Circa literary journal. A whale mysteriously appears in a small town… There’s someone inside.

photo: Cristian Grecu, Jon Tyson, Christal Yuen, Todd Cravens