Formative Years

How the past has informed the future…

Experimental Films (2002)

My first series of films, in 2002, were in black and white and experimental. With names like The Self-Loathing King and The Devil’s Pharmaceuticals, a direct line can be drawn to my current work, The Pharmacon. They are both dark and menacing. The Pharmacon adds my penchant for sci-fi to the mix. Besides the sci-fi novel I tried writing the year before, these films were my first real creative endeavor. (These films are lost, including the poems that inspired them.)

Stories from Asheville (2002)

Around this same time, while I was still living in Asheville, NC, I was writing and recording a series of spoken word poems, which later found a home on Alex Wilson’s and then the Overdrive Library. It took almost twenty years (with a few false starts inbetween) to arrive at Suburban Zen, my newest poems and recordings. Suburban Zen will be followed by Autumnal Hymns.

Neptune & Dragon (2003)

In 2003, I won some 8mm film at a small film festival and shot a live action children’s film using paper mâché masks for a monster named Neptune & a Dragon named Dragon. Almost 20 years later, my daughter was born and I created the Meet the Legumes series. The illustration style is similar. However, a dream soonafter helped my illustrations evolve into what you see in The Hot Air Balloon.

Balloon Animals (2006)

Balloon Animals was featured on IFC’s Media Lab Shorts Uploaded in 2006. I think a line can be drawn between this film and a short I have in pre-production, (Sur)Realist Painter. There’s also traces of this work in my black comedy, The Man in the Red Suit. And even a novel I wrote titled You & Death Walk into a Bar” in 2013.

Octopus & Bird (2009)

Octopus & Bird was a piece of flash fiction I wrote around 2009. I can see some of my movement towards children’s poetry in it (especially in the illustrations). A few subsequent flash pieces and drawings found a home in Rascal Magazine the next year. Writing a piece of flash fiction every day is also the way in which I taught myself to write a novel or, at least, how I acquired the stamina to write one (or rewrite one).