Year* Title Type Description Status
2018 “Scooter Joe Returns” short films comedy series pre-production
2018 Only the Dead screenplay sci-fi/ adv. writing: 60 pgs.
2017 “Exiting Existence” short film sci-fi short story
Bibliography novels & short stories
2008 “Scooter Joe” short films comedy series festival
2008 Virginia Hills teleplay dramedy final draft
2007 “Caleb Courage” short film children unfinished
2007 Imaginary Friends screenplay children unfinished
2005 “Balloon Animals” short film comedy IFC
2004 Balloon Animals screenplay comedy lost
2003 “Neptune & Dragon” short film children festival
2002 Alexander & The Pink Pirates 1-act play comedy abandoned
2002 The Screwtape Letters screenplay adaptation lost
2002 The Musical screenplay drama lost
2001 “The Devil’s Pharmaceuticals” short film experimental festival
2001 “The Passenger” short film experimental festival
2001 “Promised Land” short film experimental lost
2001 “The Self-Loathing King” short film experimental lost

*This list is incomplete and excludes a number short stories.