A friend of mine and I run together a couple of times per week. Right now, he’s training for a ten-mile race. Together, we run a fraction of that amount because three miles is just about my limit. I’ve run four but regretted it later. He’s the better runner. He’s less winded than I am […]

I spent about ten years trying to make a film that would get noticed by Hollywood-types. I got so far as to have a short featured on the IFC Channel’s Media Lab Shorts Uploaded before realizing that the novel might suit me better. However, I’ve never completely lost my interest in film, so I’m currently […]

Between novels, short stories, and, now, a mini-documentary, I find myself submitting to agents, journals, and festivals almost continuously. This means that rejection is my constant companion. And it can be pretty hard to handle. When I’m faced with a barrage of emails that say, “Not for us,” or “No thanks,” it’s vital that I […]

After almost a decade of writing fiction every day, I’ve decided to slow down. There are several reasons, but I think it can be summed up best by something I heard at a family dinner recently: “If you hate it, why do it?” I don’t hate writing. Far from. I’m finding that my current novel […]

I’ve been inspired by Anthony Bourdain’s work for years. He was an award-winning writer and an extremely effective one but his travels might be the real reason I considered him one of my heroes. …