Of all the tasks I do to stay organized, scanning is one of the most time-consuming. It seems that items are continuously arriving in the mail that require scanning and electronic filing. I only keep paper copies of birth and marriage certificates, car titles, tax documents (for seven years), and the few other official documents. […]

I created a budget, first, to find out where my money was going. And, second, so I could make plans for various kinds of savings. In the end, it took several months of watching where my money went to decide where I could restrict spending. My mortgage, for example, is non-negotiable. And I put down […]

When it comes to bookmarks (and a few other things), I often find that less is more. The primary reason is that auto-fill has usurped its purpose. Typing the first letter of a website is always faster than mousing over to a bookmark. But I do use bookmarks, on occasion. And I have them broken […]

It took me a long time to get a handle on my inbox. I tolerated many things I wouldn’t stand for now. The reality is I may not have realized I could do anything about it. Or that decluttering my email would make checking my messages a much more pleasant experience. Now, on a fairly […]

When it comes to organization, space is essential. I mean space in the same way that the artist refers to white space. I’ve never thought of it this way before, but organizing a home could be⁠—at the risk of sounding extreme⁠—like curating a museum. There are probably people who would abhor this idea and have […]

In my household, there’s a big basket full of remedies for common ailments (Aspirin, antacids, etc.) and another one that my wife uses for baking supplies. In the pantry, there are more storage boxes. There are even a few bins in the fridge. The exception may be our spices, which we keep on a lazy […]

To cut down on clutter and to keep things simple, I chose some time ago to limit myself to shoes that were (predominantly) one color. My choice was black since black shoes were what I already wore most often. Despite these efforts, I still have nine pairs of shoes. This may not seem excessive for […]

I only keep apps that I use. And I keep those apps all in one folder on my phone. That folder is aptly labeled “Apps.” Admittedly, that’s a bit on the nose, but I couldn’t think of anything better. Collecting phone apps I don’t use frequently is not something I like to do. So, periodically, […]