I’m mulling over this new idea that I’m calling the Rule of Three. What it boils down to is that it’s almost impossible for me to focus on any more than three things at a time. The way I look at it, that’s work, writing, and whatever sidebar I might have going on at any […]

About six years ago, I began having access to a beach house on the coast of North Carolina for one or two weeks a year. I’ve loved extreme sports for a much longer time than that, so I immediately began considering surfing as a new pastime. Unfortunately, around the same time that I started going […]

My family goes to the same beach every summer, and we stay in a house that is located one block from the ocean. We walk across the street to the sand, often leaving our flip flops at the end of the boardwalk rather than carry them as we go on a walk. It’s been commonly […]