Category: Essentials

Essentials: Gin

I can recall having a really good time with a few gin and tonics at a reception after a beach wedding. That event may be the reason I associate gin with the summer. But it could also be just because it’s a clear liquor, and I tend to think of bourbon as my go-to winter […]

Essentials: Español

I feel like learning Spanish is my responsibility. Where I live there is a significant Hispanic population, and I’ve encountered at least a few occasions in which being able to converse would have been beneficial–not so much for communication as hospitality. I took a few semesters of the foreign language in college and high school. […]

Essentials: Black T-Shirt

try to keep my style fairly simple. Solid colors, mostly. I don’t have a problem with stripes or primary colors but I typically try to cull my wardrobe down to what is absolutely necessary. …

Essentials: Whiskey

It was Ernest Hemingway who said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” I suppose that’s why I felt I could drink while I was writing this. The only problem is that you may know that this quote has been widely debunked. …