Category: Essays

Writing: Bourdain

I’ve been inspired by Anthony Bourdain’s work for years. He was an award-winning writer and an extremely effective one but his travels might be the real reason I considered him one of my heroes. When I was around twenty years old, I set out on a career in photojournalism. I was shooting for the university […]

Organization: Surfaces

There are only a few reasons surfaces become cluttered. One of them is that things aren’t put away after they’re used. That one is fairly simple to remedy. At most, it requires redefining when tasks we begin are finished. Sometimes there isn’t a place for a particular item. This can be a common situation in […]

Essentials: Black Tee

I try to keep my style fairly simple. Solid colors, mostly. I don’t have a problem with stripes or primary colors but I typically try to cull my wardrobe down to what is absolutely necessary. Thus, black t-shirts are a staple of my wardrobe. I throw one on at night after work and wear one […]

Health: Weightlifting

Building muscle takes time. But the physique can be transformed through sweat and consistency. Of course, it also requires real dedication (and often a team of people) to obtain model-like aesthetics or the level of fitness obtained by professional athletes. Faced with these high standards, it’s important to remember that perfection doesn’t have to be […]

Essentials: Whiskey

I was drinking whiskey when I wrote this, which is fine because I edited it later. Regarding this particular method of penning a masterpiece, Ernest Hemingway said: Write drunk, edit sober. The truth is that this quote has been widely debunked. So, if you shouldn’t drink whiskey when you write, when should you drink it? […]