Beach Music

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Poems & Spoken Word

Every summer since I’ve been married, we’ve gone on at least one beach trip. I can think of nothing better than relaxing in the sun or having fun in the waves, but this collection starts few weeks before the actual trip, highlighting a few of the other good parts of summer: rainstorms, daydreaming, and a screened porch.

Within Beach Music, you’ll find a trip to the aquarium, a pool daze, and even a little homesickness. And although there is usually a little despair at the end of a beach week, a beach trip can serve as a great reset and serve as the starting point for a new direction.

Below are a few of the poems included in the work:

  • We Could Have This (Every Day of Summer)
  • Saturday Afternoon Car Wash
  • Petrichor
  • A New Elixir
  • Beach Music
  • Ocean Spray
  • Two-Year-Old at the Aquarium
  • The Evasive Sea
  • Home
  • It’s Over
  • Golden Zero
  • The Winds