A Not So Easy Ride

When I was seventeen, a friend and I wrote a letter to the Snapple juice company proposing they sponsor us on a trip cross country. A year later, that same friend and I were sitting on a couch watching a television commercial for an ad campaign called “Snapple Across America.” The commercial featured a guy who went around the country trying to get people to suck down Snapple drinks. This was the exact same premise my friend and I had suggested in our letter to the juice company the year before. Back then, they’d written saying it wasn’t in the budget. Apparently, it was the next year and they’d misplaced our contact informaition becuase we didn’t even get a coupon.

Exactly one mile outside of Whitehall, MT, where I transferred to a Greyhound bus.

On the other hand, I can’t really blame Snapple execs for recognizing a fantastic idea nor deciding against taking two minors up on their far-flung idea. The primary reason being, the trip I took across country a couple years later didn’t end in a way that would have reflected well on any company….