Prediction & a Prayer

America is like a wounded animal lying on the side of the road. A wild animal. But it’s not roadkill. It’s still alive even if it is on the brink. As they’re cruising down the road, the driver of an electric car sees the dying animal and pulls over.

The driver of the EV wants the animal to be wild and free, as do most Democrats. But in the current political climate, the far left’s desires is akin to kneeling and cheering the animal on: “Come on, buddy! You can do it! Get up. Get up and be free!” (Please note that I say this as someone who would move to Denmark if they’d take me.)

The more prudent course of action may be to take America to a veterinarian. The animal is wounded and needs to be rehabilitated. This would involve compromise and strategic planning that consists of the swing voter’s wishes in the political sense.

The swing voter pulls over on the side of the road, driving an SUV. She wants to take the animal to get help. But the driver of the EV doesn’t want that. She wants the animal to be wild and free, right now.

If the Prius driver doesn’t get what they want, she’ll watch the animal die (or sit out the vote). If the swing voter doesn’t get what he/ she wants, they’ll vote Republican.

Thus, my prediction is that the EV drivers will sit out because Biden is the nominee. And the swing voter will vote Republican (they were going to anyway). Either way, Trump wins 2020 (but by decree of the Supreme Court), and there are a lot more four wheel-drive trucks on the road, assuring that America remains roadkill.

Although I may make at least one caveat, there could always be the savior candidate (or vice president). She would descend from heaven and lay hands on the animal. This could capture the swing vote and the EV vote. The question may be how many would disbelieve in the power of the VP. And how many have already found a savior.

Dear God, please let Kamala Harris save us.

photo: Josh Johnson