When it comes to organization, space is essential. I mean space in the same way that the artist refers to white space. I’ve never thought of it this way before, but organizing a home could be⁠—at the risk of sounding extreme⁠—like curating a museum.

There are probably people who would abhor this idea and have flashbacks to their childhood parlor or receiving room where nothing was to be touched. These spaces were sterile and unused.

Instead, I’d like a home where I use every room, and I want each room to be filled with furniture and decor that is both functional and comfortable. So, maybe something a less cluttered IKEA than a museum—much less cluttered.

Speaking of IKEA, space is at a premium in that store, while museums are intentionally open. I can have openness in a home where space is at a premium as long as I live with less.

The key to my organization system is owning what will fit within my four walls (multiplied by the number of rooms in my house). Keep in mind the fact that a storage unit is out of the question. So, if necessary, I’ll find organization solutions similar to those in IKEA because I find open spaces calming.

photo: Ashim D’Silva