At present, I’m trying to work HIIT (High-intensity interval training) back into my regular workout regimen. I’m currently in the “failing up” stage. In other words, I’m failing to make it a habit but getting closer with each attempt.

In the past, my workouts involved a bit of jump roping and a few sprints a session. But a desire to be a little more well-rounded led me to run longer distances.

I wound up jogging three miles on a pretty routine basis. However, there was another little goal at the root of this change. I wanted to run a single mile in a respectable time, which I believe puts it back in the realm of HIIT.

My current plan is to run short distances a couple of times per week and work in a couple of short sessions of HIIT on my off days. I’ve added a little bit of jump rope back into my routine already. (In fact, I went so hard the first day that I couldn’t walk for a week.)

Meanwhile, I’ve also started increasingly focusing on legs during a weightlifting session. So far, it hasn’t seemed to affect my performance. But I’m hoping it will and positively.

photo: lucas Favre