I only keep apps that I use. And I keep those apps all in one folder on my phone. That folder is aptly labeled “Apps.” Admittedly, that’s a bit on the nose, but I couldn’t think of anything better.

Collecting phone apps I don’t use frequently is not something I like to do. So, periodically, I search through them and decide whether or not I need them all. Then, I trash them. (I should note that it aggravates that my phone doesn’t allow me to delete all of its apps.)

When it comes to displaying applications, I oscillate between form and function. I know someone who goes so far as to color coordinate his apps, arranging them in a rainbow-like pattern. That’s just about as form as it gets.

I tend to put my most frequently used apps on the front pane and arrange the rest alphabetically. It’s an attempt at function, but it’s not ideal. When I delete an app, the others can no longer be found via rote memory.

I may not have nailed down how I want to display my phone apps, but I’m sure that deleting the ones I don’t use limits the number that I have to sift through.

Having fewer apps also limits how often I’m on my phone. So, I’m in no danger of becoming addicted. However, I may not have needed to worry about that. I see apps as tools, and I tend to use tools for work, not play.

photo: Rami Al-zayat