Let me start by saying that I would prefer to eat gluten if I could. I’m not an advocate for avoiding the protein just because it might make you sluggish or drowsy. Unfortunately, I have to avoid it for other reasons.

Eating above a certain threshold of gluten causes my skin to break out and gives me an upset stomach. It’s a serious issue. I can’t drink many of my favorite beers without starting to itch. I should say these beers used to be my favorite.

I developed a gluten allergy in my mid-twenties and went to a dermatologist on multiple occasions, was prescribed steroids, and, subsequently, met with little success when it came to a remedy. In the end, I was fortunate enough to meet someone who suggested a gluten fast.

It helped, but it severely limits what I’m able to consume, which may have resulted in one of my first extreme exercises in discipline. But now, by default, I’m receiving all of the benefits of a low carb diet.

I’ve not gone on any official modified elimination diets because I can’t stand the idea of lose anything else. I like cheese. And, as it is, I sneak a little gluten in when I can. When it comes to healthy eating, my philosophy is to enjoy moderation. When it comes to gluten, I practice harm reduction, which is not necessarily a good idea for those with more severe allergies.

I’m not planning to eliminate anything else from my diet by becoming a vegan or a vegetarian. But I do what I have to do. I treat gluten as a rare treat that I get to enjoy on occasion even if I have to pay for it.

photo: Fleur