My phone had fewer pictures on it before my daughter was born. If I took a photo, I typically uploaded it to the cloud later that day. But for the first few months of my child’s life, I was taking pictures every day.

So, I needed to have an organization method for my images. I decided I’d upload to the cloud every few months and remove all but the photos I’d selected as favorites. That way, I’d have pictures to show someone who feigns interest and is willing to humor a new dad… or genuinely loves babies.

My phone has plenty of space, but I tend to treat it like my computer. I don’t want it to be cluttered. So, I view my apps through this lens. Periodically, I’ll go through them and delete the ones I’m not using anymore.

I also avoid keeping apps on my phone’s background. Instead, I put them all in a folder beside my calendar, the call button, and my text app at the bottom of the screen. The most often used apps are on the first tile of the folder. The rest are in alphabetical order. Sometimes they’re all just in alphabetical order.

I don’t allow podcasts to download automatically. When I want to listen to a podcast, I choose one and then take 30 seconds to download it. Podcasts automatically delete after I listen to them. I use streaming services, so there’s no music on my phone.

My phone does not have an excessive amount of hard drive space, so keeping it free of unnecessary files is essential. Especially if I have another use for that space. For example, I recently slipped a shotgun mic into the lightning port and shot a mini-documentary with my iPhone. The last thing I wanted was to have to start deleting pictures or apps while I was on location.

That’s a practical reason for keeping space available, but I also want my phone to be streamlined if I can. Just like my computer, I think this makes for a more efficient tool.

photo: Christian Allard