Wake Up

I wish I could say that I woke up like Bruce Lee. I read in John Little’s The Warrior Within that he was doing a set of exercises before he was out of bed in the morning (e.g., arching the back, stretching, leg lifts, and more). That’s not my routine. I roll out of bed, stumble into the bathroom, and then fill up on as many cups of coffee as possible. This is something I’ve worked on, but it hasn’t necessarily been effective.

In the past, I had my breakfast and coffee, spent a little time waking up by staring at the weather report, then proceeded to move into the office to write for an hour or so.

Periodically, I’d head straight from my office to the gym. It just depended on whether I was working out in the morning or the afternoon that day. This struck me as reasonably productive, which may have been the problem.

I slipped into some complacency over my morning routine because there were times when I’d schedule my mornings out in 15-minute increments, sucking out every possible bit of productivity possible by adding a little cleanup and 15-30 minutes of reading before going into work.

Granted, just writing that down makes it seem a little bit over the top. And I think that level of performance should possibly be reserved for special periods when my workload is high.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I’d like to wake up feeling a little more alert and vibrant. There are ways to go about this, but most of them have had little effect on me. For a while, I took a shot of V8 every morning but there were no noticeable effects.

So far, the only healthy morning activity that’s stuck is a little hydration in the form of a 20 oz. glass of H2O. Most likely, Lee already has the answer (which shouldn’t come as a surprise). I’ll have to refer back to Little’s book and start waking up with his routine. Especially since after the birth of my daughter, a 3-minute workout is all I have time for in the mornings.

photo: Fervent Jan