I’m not sure why but a good deal of the music I enjoy was written and performed in the late ’60s and early ’70s. I’ve heard it said that people are most nostalgic for the period right before they were born, so that explains it, right?

I’m not sure, but I enjoy Bowie, Young, the Stones, and various other acts that were active around the same time. The music during this period just strikes me as a little more authentic, for some reason.

Don’t get me wrong. There are musicians that I enjoy that were making music outside of that time. Luna comes to mind. And Radiohead. That might sound cliché, but they are responsible for my favorite album, Amnesiac.

I’ve read that Dante’s Inferno inspired it. I can see the connection and further believe that that album is the sole reason I want to own a record player.

I don’t yet, but I have a dream in which I’m sitting in my office chair working while the turntable is playing. Or I’m just sitting in my leather chair with my arms crossed. I’m deep in thought or otherwise engaged in the intense visuals Thom Yorke’s vocals provide.

If I’m perfectly honest, I’m a little on the fence about LPs. Are we past them? Is it just another manual transmission-like hold out? (I drive a stick.) I’m not really sure. But I have thought about just investing in an Apple HomePod.

Maybe there’s an in-between. A record player that is connected via bluetooth to a really good speaker? I don’t have to have a console. Perhaps this is a way I can merge the past and the present.

Either way, having a small record collection is an appealing notion. And, in the end, the experience of playing a record is going to be much more nostalgic than clicking on any mp3.

photo: Jack Hamilton