Jump Rope

I haven’t been able to figure out why but, for some reason, jumping rope is pretty easy for me. Granted, I’m not jumping for excessive amounts of time (e.g., an hour), but I consider a session of 20 minutes to be somewhat significant.

Contrast this with my ability–or lack thereof–to jog. I’ve worked up to being able to run as much as three or four miles, but I never really enjoy it. Maybe I shouldn’t say that. If I hated it, I wouldn’t keep doing it, and I run a couple of times each week. A better way to describe my views on running would be to say that it causes me a lot more strain than jumping rope.

When I first started with a jump rope, I went at it with gusto. I was jumping 20 straight minutes and only stopping when the rope got tangled up in my feet, which happened less often as I began to jump consistently.

But because jumping rope burns so many calories, I don’t feel the need to avoid taking breaks. Lately, I’ve been doing a circuit of 10-5-5. Ten minutes to start with a more or less five-minute break between the next two intervals. One thing is for sure, anything over a few minutes is going to help me break a sweat.

If there needed to be any proof that I find jumping rope refreshing, I’ve been known to do it on an evening when I haven’t moved much during the day and sometimes after I’ve already lifted weights in the morning.

The one warning I’d give when it comes to starting a jump rope routine is to avoid too much, too soon. I’ve never been more sore than after trying to restart a jump rope habit I’ve let lapse.

photo: Alora Griffiths