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There are plenty of reasons to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. It’s been to shown to help regulate appetite, moderate the metabolism, keep you hydrated, and, generally flush and replinish the system. That’s great if you can remember to actually fill the glass and drink it.

Once I decided I was going to have a glass of water every morning, I started thinking of ways to make it a routine or habit. This may sound simple, but it wasn’t for me. Mornings can get busy and I found that I was often out of the house having forgotten to drink any water.

So, I took what might not be considered drastic action. I set a reminder of the voice-enabled device in my home. At 7 AM a soft, soothing voice alerts me to the fact that it was time to drink a glass. My device pings before it speaks, so I’m surprised it hasn’t had a kind of Pavlovian effect. When I hear a ping of a chime, I go for the faucet.

After I started taking a glass out of the cabinet and filling it with water on my own, I turned the reminder off. At that point, I was a little nervous it would eventually slip my mind so I started setting a glass out on the kitchen table at night in preparation for the next morning (I do this while preparing my coffee).

I no longer forget to have a glass of water in the morning. And although I haven’t seen an direct impact, I know it’s there. Because, in general, I believe in science even when the effects aren’t immediately apparant. Then again, I’m fairly convinced my system is being flushed given the increased restroom visits.

photo: Joseph Greve

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