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Morning Prep

About a year ago, I started prepping for my morning the night before. I follow a fairly simple routine. I place a bowl and a glass on the kitchen table. The glass is to remind me to have start the day with 8 oz. of water. The bowl is for my oatmeal.

I’ve found that putting the bowl out and putting the oatmeal in it helped me in two ways. It allowed me to streamline my breakfast preperation but it also led to better choices. Since the oatmeal was already out, I choose to eat it over a highly caloric cereal or grabbing a quick and easy granola bar.

The other thing I do for the morning is fill my coffeemaker with grounds and water. That way all I have to do is turn it on in the morning. I’m hoping to upgrade to a coffee machine with a timer in the future but that will have to wait until we have more counter space than what’s available in our current apartment.

These are small things but I’m nearly incoherent in the morning. So, I tend to make dietary choices on impulse rather than with intentionality, and like many others I can’t enjoy my morning without a good cup of joe.

The point of my morning prep is to get me into my chair to do some writing as soon as possible. On a perfect day, I’m up at 6, eating by 6:15, and then sitting in front of my computer with a cup of coffee no later than 6:30.

It doesn’t always work that way and I’m currently taking Wednesday mornings off from writing but I find that by preparing the night before makes my morning go a lot more smoothly.

photo: Isaac Benhesed

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