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Black T-Shirts

I try to keep my style simple. Solid colors, mostly. I don’t have a problem with stripes or primary colors, but I typically try to cull my wardrobe down to what is absolutely necessary.

Thus, black t-shirts are a staple of my wardrobe. I throw one on at night after work and wear one out and about on the weekends. It’s a simple choice, and one that I think looks pretty good.

I wouldn’t say I value variety in clothing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate having choices or fashion. As I write this, I’m wearing a t-shirt I bought on a work trip to Berkeley. It’s yellow, and there’s a navy bear on it. I don’t feel the need for a significant number of novelty tees, but I will buy one from time to time.

Besides black t-shirts, I have a couple of navy ones and occasionally one that’s charcoal gray. Maybe that’s boring. But to me, it’s just simple.

If I’m perfectly honest, I don’t have that many opportunities to wear t-shirts. I can’t wear them to work, and I rarely wear them out at night. So, I just don’t need that many.

The white t-shirt used to be considered classic: think Paul Newman, James Dean, or Marlon Brando. But I think the black t-shirt is the new classic. If that’s like saying black is the new black, then that’s what I’m saying. (Although after taking a look at images of those actors, I’m thinking of buying a few white tees.)

I wear my black t-shirts with dark jeans and black boots. Sometimes I’ll even put on a pair of sunglasses. It’s not extravagant. And it’s not supposed to be.

photo: Štefan Štefančík

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