The Dog Show-Off

There’s a guy in my neighborhood who has two dogs.
Sometimes he wears tank tops.
Sometimes he wears a bandana on his head,
but he always wears sunglasses.
Even when it’s overcast.

He’s the dog show-off.

He’s got two dogs.
One is a Mini Pinscher
and one looks like a Boxer of some kind.
He walks them without a leash.
He uses commands to keep ’em close,
to make ’em walk,
and to tell them when to cross the street.

He’s the dog show-off.

He could beat Cesar, the Dog Whisperer, in a dog walk contest.
He’s that good.
His dogs know more than 165 words.
There’d be no contest.

Sometimes the boxer will be wearing a vest that has a radio attached.
The dog show-off will be playing classic rock.
Sometimes he’s whistling through the neighborhood.
His dogs speak whistle too.
But just to show-off.

He likes to walk around the neighborhood in flip-flops,
pointing and grunting at his canine companions.
It’s pretty impressive how obedient those dogs are.
They pick up their own shit and step aside when you pass them on the sidewalk.

He’s the dog show-off.

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